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Anatomy of an Operations Review

from www.agilemanagement.net/index.php/blog/Anatomy_of_an_Operations_Review/

I get asked what we present at operations review every month.

  • action items from last time
  • [biz value – ] financial … sales … etc
  • [overview] budgets … vs actual
  • guest … from business … how they rely on IT …. helps connect
  • metrics [of value]

sw eng: sustaining eng.stats

downstream value chain partners

change, successful or not

help desk, tickets, root causes

ops review vs retrospective

from aaron.sanders.name/agile-fashion/anatomy-of-the-corbis-operations-review

[ref discussion on differences]

the decoupled Operations review is more of a presentation, where the retrospective is a focused discussion. Corey was relating the ops review as multi-team stand up in the large, and then it sounds as if the retrospective would be follow-up work for specific teams.

operations review – from Agile Management

from ch.14 of David Anderson’s book Agile Management, www.agilemanagement.net/AMPDFArchive/AMSE_Chapter14.pdf


The purpose of a monthly operations review is to create a culture of openness and trust, to share a common understanding of the issues confronting management and staff, and to debate the opportunity for improvements.

The operations review is not intended as a control mechanism …. is about learning, building trust with value-chain partners, and teaching senior executives about the business.

business owners upstream and downstream in the same value chain should be invited. When a business needs to work and negotiate with partners in a value chain, those partners need to understand the issues and learn to trust each other

An operations review will visually present the information that the business needs to operate successfully.

The difference between data and information is, says Eli Goldratt, the difference between the inputs needed to derive an answer versus the actual answer [Goldratt 1990, p. 6]. Information is the answer to a question. Management information is the answer to a question about the health and running of a business. Management information answers questions executives need answered in order to make informed decisions about investment in and operation of a business that must be run for profits now and in the future.

All operations reviews should lead with the financial data

The production metrics should echo the financial metrics 

[i.e., aspects of value]


The operations review is a monthly event for the entire management team of the software business and all its value-chain partners