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Allan Shalloway quotes in “State of Kanbanland”

Allan Shalloway quotes from David Anderson’s State of Kanbanland address @ LSSC12, ca 22min into it.


kanban is a method for talking to management

it’s the whole mindset, it’s the “let’s solve business problems”

now it’s a lot easier to talk to the business and ask “what are you interested in and how can it help you?”

part of crossing the chasm is really “how do we get more organizations involved?”

we can speak the language of business by speaking the language of early business delivery

you can take people where they are, and give them the vehicle to transition … to scale, that’s what you need to do, because [everybody can’t] do exactly the same thing

now we can really engage everybody in an organization, because everybody can see why it’s working and how it’s working

[kanban and lean] is not self-evident, but it’s intuitive once it’s made evident