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on graph tools – d3.js etc

given we’d like to feed data to a javascript frontend instead of f.ex let a backend generate an image, it seems D3.js is a good and safe choice.

however, there’s still things to consider – including some tools built on D3, f.ex C3.jsNVD3dimple.


Erlang notes

tried Erlang in cyber-dojo.org on Friday, and learned a few basic things..

  • export..
  • functions can be defined several times based on single instances or patterns in parameters
  • function pattern via: “… when Parameter > 1” (f.ex)
  • function parameter: start with capital letter…
  • separate function definitions with “;”, after last one: “.”
  • for default function definition: “(_)”
  • in eunit: methods ending in _test() will be run

a few resources: