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is TDD dead?

UPDATE: A few updates from Martin Fowler:

original note: background:

  • DHH: TDD is dead. Long live testing. “Test-first fundamentalism is …. [a]n unrealistic, ineffective morality campaign for self-loathing and shaming.  It didn’t start out like that.”
  • Kent Beck: RIP TDD “…now I need to hire new techniques to help me solve many of my problems during programming”
  • Martin Fowler: Hangout on TDD… “a series of video hangouts to discuss TDD, and the trade-offs around testing and architecture”
  • Hangout 1 (G+)
  • Hangout 2
a few tweets from hangout 1

watching @dhh, @martinfowler, @KentBeck on #istdddead. 1st @dhh on microtesting all the things, not necessary useful (my words)

basic q: as a programmer, do you deserve to feel confident? @KentBeck (@dhh: programmer happiness) #istdddead #techsafety

i have to have a feedback loop, and the feedback loop has to be repeatable. @KentBeck not mocking much, even when tdd n/a #istdddead