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is there such a thing as best practice?

there’s no such thing as best practice.
best practice is one size fits nobody.
there’s only good practice.
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Pawel Brodzinski (@pawelbrodzinskiMon Apr 29):
There’s no such thing as best practice. There are only practices that fit best to specific context. ~Bob Lewis #lkna13

@hemppah apr 24
‘Best practice’ is past practice, it encourages copying. bit.ly/15K7vzt

@jchyip 4 Dec
Which Best Practice Is Ruining Your Business? – @HarvardBiz blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/12/which_best_practice_is_ruining.html

@ingvald 1 Nov
overreliance on best practice push problem towards chaos, where recovery is non-trivial, costly. @kjscotland on cynefin bit.ly/RoVVi2

@hemppah 18 Oct
Best practice tends to be good pieces from different systems put together. No wonder best practice doesn’t necessarily work in your system.

@jchyip 6 Jan 10
“industry best practice” is more likely to mean industry lowest common denominator

@LeanVoices: Best practice is often used as an excuse to stop improving.