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on graph tools – d3.js etc

given we’d like to feed data to a javascript frontend instead of f.ex let a backend generate an image, it seems D3.js is a good and safe choice.

however, there’s still things to consider – including some tools built on D3, f.ex C3.jsNVD3dimple.


note to self: get maven nature on projects in (my)eclipse

myeclipse: v8.6

plugins/ software:
mavensupport for myeclipse (m4e)
maven integration for eclipse (m2)

now, if a project wasn’t “maven-enabled”, i often had to manually edit the .project file to make it so, even with mavensupport installed.

but if you also install “maven integration for eclipse”, you can right-click a project without maven nature and select “(m2) myeclipse maven -> enable dependency management”.

a last piece of the puzzle seems to be needed – i think i enabled some advanced option in m4e (might even have been seemingly unrelated, like advanced tabs in pom).  but a coworker disabled m4e after installing m2 and then got the right-click option to enable maven for a project…

if you try this, let me know how it works out…

edit: it seems i only had to enter the maven settings (myeclipse -> maven), and then exit (apply).  without changing anything… then the “(m2) myeclipse maven -> enable dependency management” option emerged…